Twitteriffic Tweets: Cupcakes At The Limelight, Blotting Papers At Operation Smile

by Chiara Atik · May 7, 2010

@dabneymercer Dior gave my sister's blotting papers in the goodie bag at Op Smile!! Love!! The pattern is Tinsley's signature :)!!

- @AJMukamal Obsessing over @cupcakestop new store in Limelight market! Check out the new space!-


@beckadiamond Blonde Ambition tour, Lyz and I DJ dream team. Finishing each other's sentences, i mean playlists. Mind readers.

-= - @MinnieMortimer Go see Exit Through The Gift Shop now!! So good (thinking it may just be an art film BY Banksy)

- @BenWiddicombe Causing mischief w fellow Aussies Jessica Hart & Tamarama @ Rosario Dawson & Jamison Ernest's birthday

- @Jillzarin Bobby is king of the wooorrrld!


- @derekblasberg Is @Ricky_Martin's Shake Your BomBom appropriate music for my book party tonight? Mixed in with Johnny Cash and The Gossip, mind you.