Bill Maher Can't Believe What Everyone Believes

by KENDRA SEAY · September 30, 2008

Bill Maher [Photo by JIMI CELESTE for Patrick McMullan]

When it comes to religion, comedian Bill Maher is clearly a man of many opinions, or lack there of and is not afraid to loudly express why he thinks your religion is a crock of bleep! Maher readies himself to "debunk the man behind the curtain" and hilariously explores this not-so hilarious topic by hitting the streets Borat-style to get some insight into what everybody believes in and why in his new film, Religulous.

To kick off the October 3rd release of Maher's film, some of the funniest faces in New York gathered yesterday afternoon for lunch at Brasserie Ruhlmann. Bill Maher's pals included Joy Behar, Caroline Rhea, Kathleen Turner, Debra Winger, Steve Guttenberg, Jeneane Garofalo, Liz Smith, Caroline Hirsch, Bob Balaban, Nora Ephron, and the ever-so controversial Tatum O'Neal.

Tatum O'Neil, Caroline Rhea, Joy BeharJaneane Garofalo, Bill MaherKathleen Turner, Bob BalabanBill Maher, Larry Charles

More photos from this event below...

Joy Behar, Bill Maher Joy Behar and Bill Maher

Debra Winger, Janeane Garofalo Debra Winger and Janeane Garofalo

Bill Maher, Caroline Rhea, Steve Guttenberg Bill Maher, Caroline Rhea, Steve Guttenberg

Liz Smith, Nora Ephron Liz Smith and Nora Ephron

Kenneth Cole, Peggy Siegal, Maria Cuomo Cole Kenneth Cole, Peggy Siegal, Maria Cuomo Cole

Jim Norton, Tatum O’Neil Jim Norton and Tatum O'Neil

Debra Winger, Joy Behar Debra Winger and Joy Behar