The Native Society Members: Katie Schecter And Alexander Barrett Berardi, Profiles In Courage (And Exclusivity)

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 3, 2011

The Native Society, the ever-alluring and exclusive social network, has taken a firm grasp on our attention. Yesterday, we met Alexa Winner and David T. Libertson. Today greet Katie Schecter and Alexander Barrett Berardi.Head honcho Oliver Estreich has put together quite the chic milieu.

Schecter and Berardi kindly answered our questionnaire in their own words.

Native Society Member #1: Katie Schecter

Age: 23

College: A bit of Boston University

High School: The Chapin School

Home neighborhood growing up: East 60s

Current neighborhood of residence: East 60s

Summer house?: nope

tNS since?: I first heard about it from oliver on facebook

Top Reason For Joining tNS: I am always down to support a fellow new yorker undertaking a positive venture.

_ [Katie Schecter, Courtesy of Daisy Johnson Photography]

Why did you qualify? I'm a new yorker born and bred .. I find it hard to leave the city , even for vacations.

The Skinny

How did you meet Oliver: Through our mutual friend Annabelle at some point in high school.

Favorite part of the club: Anything that brings people together is a good thing.

Favorite restaurant: Burger Heaven on 62nd

Favorite Bar: American Trash on 1st ave and 77th

Favorite Club: Jane Hotel

What makes a true native New Yorker? You've gotta know the best bagel spots and pizza joints.

Native Society Member #2: Alexander Barrett Berardi

Age: 24

College: Attended Vanderbilt University & Parsons The New School For Design

High School: The Browning School

Home neighborhood growing up: The Upper East Side and Hurley, NY

__ [Alexander Barrett Berardi]

Current neighborhood of residence: Midtown East

Summer house?: Yes

If yes, where?: Martha's Vineyard tNS since?: September, 2010

Top Reason For Joining tNS: Networking with new and old friends

Why did you qualify?: Manically Optimistic, Fashion Designing, Transportation Heir

The Skinny

How did you meet Oliver: We met by coincidence

Favorite part of the club: The Events

Favorite restaurant: Summer, Hotel Griffou. Winter, The Lion

Favorite Bar: Bemelmans Bar At The Carlyle Hotel

Favorite Club: Well , that's all about the DJ. I love Timo Weiland at Norwood and Soho Grand, but I hear Andrew Bevan at Le Bain is a hit!

What makes a true native New Yorker? Confident, knowledge seeking, and creative individuals who aspire for greatness. All of whom deny that Manhattan exists North of 96th Street or West of Columbus Circle.

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