Why You Will Never Meet A "Guy In A Band" At A Bar Anymore

by Rachelle Hruska · February 9, 2011

The "I'm part of a social media startup" is the new: "I'm in a band," (circa 60s-90s), is the new: "I work on Wall St," (circa 80-90s), is the new: "I started this really cool Zine," (circa 90s), is the new: "I write for the New Yorker," (circa 60-80s), is the new: "I hang out with artists on the Bowery," (circa 60-70s), is the new: "I'm a poet from Paris." (circa 20-50s), etc. Our advice to the ladies? Do.not.date.these.guys. They are having their moment, which means they are certainly not primed to give you yours....

Note that many "start up" tech companies were literally built in the same "Garages" in Williamsburg or San Fran that used to be the site of all boy angst bands. Instead of pounding away on a drum set, the would be "artists" are pounding away on keyboards and coding.

As GofG Guest Blogger Alex P. noted, inevitably when first date conversation turns to careers, you will hear one of two things:

"I'm the co-founder of a start-up. We're in stealth mode right now, but I'm seriously courting some angel investors blah blah blah..."


"Well, I work as a [insert legitimate profession], but my real passion is my start up. We're a lean three-person operation that's going to revolutionize the blah blah blah..."

There's no problem with having entrepreneurial drive. But the fact is, maybe about 20 percent of these "start-up" guys have legitimate plans for a business.

Ladies take note, the chances that the guy you have met is actually going to come out the next Dennis Crowley are 1 in 1000 (on a good day). However, that won't matter, just like it hasn't in the past. They are having their moment and, depending on whether you want to join, or stay far away from them, here are some of the locations that you can expect to find them at:

Tom and Jerry's

Ace Hotel

Luke's Lobster East Village

Back Room

Destination Bar

The Magician

Floyd NY

Double Cross

The Redhead


Mas Farmhouse


Cafe OST

Johnny's Famous Reef Restaurant

The Burger Joint

1492 Food

Hangouts taken directly from Dennis Crowley's foursquare tips page. Note: Most of these "Start Ups" are located in Nolita, Soho, LES, Ace Hotel area, and Brooklyn.

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