Before They Were Socialites, Part Six

by Chiara Atik · April 20, 2010

Before she started sitting Front Row at Fashion shows around the world, this socialite was living a relatively quiet life at Spence. These days, she's working a relatively pedestrian job (for Fashion Royalty, at least). Who is she? Click to find out...-







Bee was just as pretty when she was 14 (pictured here from her high school yearbook)as she is now, and relatively low-profile. Looks like she enjoyed hanging out with some goofy guys back then too--she was destined to work for Ricky Van Veen.

According to a New York Times article from 1996, then 10 year old Bee hadn't quite grown into her mother's Fashion Legacy.

Anna Wintour described her young daughter's style:

"She likes overalls and sweatpants, and she doesn't like dresses. As long as she's happy, that's fine, but occasionally, I would love her to wear a dress."

Apparently, young Bee also took issue with unnecessarily revealing clothing.

"She's against anything that is in any way revealing. She'd like me to go out like a monk."

Bee has definitely grown into wearing dresses now, but still shies away from low necklines and too much skin.

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We've always liked Bee. Maybe someday we will be able to forgive her for THIS.

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