Eavesdropping In: Anyone Can Get Into Princeton These Days, "Law & Order" Plays Its Final Bum-Bum, Meatpacking District Is Briefly Fun Again

by BILLY GRAY · May 14, 2010

Princetonians forced to share NYC clubhouse with lowly Williams alumni. [Metropolis]

NBC cancels 20-year old Law & Order. You will still be unable to escape it in syndication. [NBC]

Drag queens and bears reclaim the Meatpacking District. [UrbanBearWeekend]

People can't pipe down about Pulino's patrons who can't pipe down. [BoweryBoogie]

Speaking of Pulino's, Keith McNally calls a restaurant critic bald and fat. [Eater]

Lena Horne gets the sendoff she deserved. [1010]