Eavesdropping In: AT&T Is Coming To The NYC Subway!!!

by Chiara Atik · October 5, 2010

AT&T is coming to the Subway! Suck it, Verizon! [Observer]

Foursquare was down for over nine hours yesterday, and the world. Went. Crazy. [NyMag]

Wow, it took this article to make me realize that, yeah, Sun Chips bags ARE really loud! [Gawker]

Tom Colicchio had his friends over for dinner. Of course, they're all chefs, and the food was out of this world. [WSJ]

Horrid hate crime at Stonewall Inn, of all places. [NYT]

Not really sure what to say about Courtney Love's near naked tweet photos, except that I still find them less obnoxious than Ashton and Demi's. [NYDN]