Eavesdropping In: Carmelo Anthony Coming To The Knicks, Spider-Man Gets Reworked

By Mara Siegler on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
  • Justin Bieber bought out a flower shop for Selena Gomez on Valentine's Day. [PopEater]
  • The producers of the cursed Spider-Man are rejigging the show's musical numbers, and its official opening may get a sixth tweak. [NYT]
  • As Facebook and Twitter have grown, blogging has declined. [NYT]
  • Carmelo Anthony has finally been traded to the Knicks. [NYP]
  • Walmart is suffering its worst-ever slump in U.S. sales and is widely expected to post more disappointing figures when it reports earnings today. [WSJ]
  • A Bavarian brewmeister is touting its non-alcoholic beer as the latest sport drink for athletes, handing it out at the finish line of sporting events and praising its regenerative benefits. [Newser]