Eavesdropping In: Cheeseburger Crust Pizzas, A Love Letter To Lindsay Lohan

by Courtney McGowan · April 25, 2012

- In a bid to out-weird Coachella cornerstone Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts' festival ensembles leave much to be desired. [Dlisted]

- How would you like your crust? With chicken filets, or whole cheeseburgers? [D&T]

- Reddit users are attempting to make a hit pop song.  Spoiler: It will be the audible equivalent of a cat wearing mittens. [GeekSugar]

- Hey Lindsay Lohan, is Paris Hilton still alive? Where are you? Are those two separate questions? [ThoughtCatalog]

- Be a rebellious individual by spending months crafting a prom dress from bags of Cool Ranch Doritos. That'll show them. [NPR]

- Some tips on escaping the Church of Satan.  You know, in case that ever happens. [VICE]

- Two floating faces in a sky over a body of water?  Definitely a Nicholas Sparks film. [EW]

- Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney sweeps the GOP Primary, winning Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and yes, New York. [CNN]