Eavesdropping In: Fred Armisen, You Bad Bad Man!

by guestofaguest · August 20, 2010

Oh, tears, it looks like Snooki might be Snookin' for love again...[Crushable]

Mark Zuckerberg's got nothing on Dennis Crowley! Ehrm, that is, Facebook's got nothing on Foursquare. [NY Mag]

No more tents at Fashion Week, just....promenades. [WSJ]

J.D. Salinger's toilet could be YOURS, for one million dollars! (Nope, not kidding.) [Racked]

I literally GASPED when I read this headline: Fred Armisen, who JUST ENDED his marriage with the beloved Elisabeth Moss, is now dating Abby Elliott! SNL Scandal! [Page Six]