Eavesdropping In: Hillary Clinton Rejects Jason Segel, Rihanna's New Video

by Courtney McGowan · May 1, 2012

- The guys over at VICE spent a day harassing the harassers, a.k.a. the paparazzi.  Spoiler alert, they didn't like it. [VICE]

- To our left, you will see a picture of a horse wearing jeans. [Buzzfeed]

- For those of you tired of your boring old Diet Coke, there's always Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda. [LaughingSquid]

- While "Where Have You Been" is a straight up jam, don't get me wrong, Rihanna doing awkwardly choreographed dance makes me uncomfortable.  However, it is completely void of Chris Brown references, so there's that. [Youtube]

- Has Silicon Valley become a code-crushing frathouse? Let's throw back a shot of Jager and find out, brogrammers. [Week]

- She's here all night, folks.  Madame Secretary sent quite the sassy rejection letter to funnyman Jason Segel when he asked her to star in one his movies. [WashPost]

- Let's all take a moment to geek out.  The new Dark Knight Rises trailer is here and it looks SO unbelievably good- mouth breathing and all. [HuffPost]