Eavesdropping In: Hipsters Continue To Mock And Be Mocked, James Cameron Finally Catches A Break, Brooklyn Has Always Been Ahead Of Stale Old Manhattan

by BILLY GRAY · April 23, 2010

The first rule of being a hipster: you do not call yourself a hipster. [BrooklynVegan]

New Yorkers, starve prepare yourselves for the city's biggest fashion show ever. [NYDN]

Avatar rewrites the record books, despite old fogy 2-D format. [Deadline]

Even in the '70s, Brooklyn was cooler than Manhattan. The more things change...[NYMag]

The Great Recession lives on: man steals San Loco tip jar containing 75 cents. [Jeremiah]

Albany is a mess. But at least its politicians are losing their beer bellies! [NYT]