Eavesdropping In: LeBron Still Sucks. And So Does Drew Barrymore.

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · July 9, 2010

Vuvuzelas, the instruments producing possibly the most annoying sound known to man, have been 'fatwa-ed.' Good riddance! [Gawker]

Drew Barrymore declares she hates puppies. Can she possibly be human? [NYMAG]

Reality TV has reached new heights... NBC's Today Show is now allowing gay couples to marry on air in it's 'Modern Wedding Contest' TV show. [NYDN]

Proving the world is now infected by anti-LeBron fever, Shake Shack Miami has inaugurated the Le-Brat James Hotdog. Secret ingredients? Tabasco simmered onions and spicy bratwurst [EATER]

It's no secret that there are hotels galore in NY, but did you know there will be 44 more this year? [WSJ]