Eavesdropping In: Match.com To Check Sex Offender Registry, Rihanna's Secret Family

by Mara Siegler · April 18, 2011

A photo of two men kissing was removed from the Facebook. [Gawker]

Wikileaks Reveal: the US State Department has secretly funded opposition groups in Syria, as well as a London-based satellite TV channel that offers anti-government programming. [WaPo]

Match.com has decided to check members against a national registry of sex offenders following a lawsuit. [AP]

A bestselling memoir about an American's efforts to build schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been lashed as a "pack of lies" in a 60 Minutes investigation. [ABCNews]

Six racehorses burned to death when a passing driver flicked a still-burning cigarette butt into their trailer as it traveled down a North Carolina highway on Friday night. [DailyMail]

For years, Rihanna has been quietly keeping touch with at least three sisters and brothers, from various flings by her playboy dad. [NYP]