Eavesdropping In: MTV Cancels Skins, Mom Gives 7-Year-Old Boob Job Coupon

by Mara Siegler · June 10, 2011

Tracy Morgan is facing serious heat for a homophobic rant he allegedly made at a stand-up show last Friday. [Jezebel]

The massive data breach at Citigroup has alarmed customers, angered lawmakers, and sparked debate on whether big banks are spending enough money on protecting their customers' information. [NYT]

A mom who describes herself with the term "Human Barbie" gave her daughter a coupon for a boob job for her 7th birthday. [NYDN]

Ok, I'm actually kind of sad about this one. MTV has pulled the plug on controversial sexxxy teen drama Skins after just one season. [EW]

Use of E-Cig devices in places where cigarettes are banned has sparked fierce debate, and some states, cities, and workplaces have reworked smoking bans to include them. [AP]