Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


The new "Resort" collections - are they bigger than ever (NYT) or are they getting cut back (DailyBeast)? [NYT and Daily Beast]

We're smelling the next blog-to-book sensation for the summer! And it's certainly a great pastime for the summer in the East Village - watching Goths in Hot Weather [GiHW via The Awl]

The NY Housewives were feeling a little left out after NJ's Danielle sordid past was revealed. So Bethenny told a story about sneaking into the Palladium - lame. [NYMag]

Combining a little political humor and Good Humor, get ready for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, coming to the West and East Villages soon [SeriousEats]

Thank God the economy is still strong enough to launch another celebrity clothing line, this one from Miley Cyrus, with help from Max Azria [People]