The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: eCreamery Ice Cream

by Chiara Atik · March 18, 2010

eCreamery Ice Cream: Oh man, I can see how someone could get addicted to this website. First you choose a "base" of Sorbetto, Gelato, or Ice Cream. (I chose "Stout" gelato.) THEN you get to add-in any flavor you want. (I chose Avocado and Bubble Gum.) -

Next, you can put in as many mix-ins as you want. (I chose Fruity Pebbles.)

Finally, you get to name your flavor ("Chiara's Revenge" seemed appropriate for a Stout/Avocado/Bubblegum ice cream with Fruity Pebbles in it.) and order up to 8 pints of the stuff.

Not sure sampling your bizarre concoctions are worth the $90 plus shipping, but maybe you're better at making ice cream than I am...