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Getting it done

The cleaner and the more decisive the better. No one likes slow and painful. I’ve been in both positions. One boyfriend took two months to end it. He never told me it was over, he ghosted me until I left the country and then told me he started dating the girl he truly loved. On the flipside, I once dated someone who one day just told me it wasn’t working and never texted or answered a call again.

I was grateful for the second. As much as a clean cut may hurt, at least you get over it. There is no thinking, rethinking, overthinking to be done. It’s over.

Avoid at all costs the “let’s be friends” talk until it’s all done. If you use the friends excuse during the breakup, it just adds confusion and messiness.  

A breakup, though, is no excuse to be mean. Throwing sentences out like “I never loved you” are unnecessary and most of the time untrue. There is no need to create baggage for the other person.

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