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On Becoming Kenny Kenny For A Night

[Kenny Kenny working the Patricia Field's Door, photo via Jezebel]

I missed Patricia Field's party Wednesday night because I was over at Fingerpaint, and was a little bit bummed. After seeing this picture on Jezebel last night, I am even more upset. For some reason, which no one has yet been able to figure out (including myself), I have a strange fascination with the club particular, with Kenny Kenny. And girl was WORKING that door on Bowery last night! So, in fitting with Kenny Kenny making news this week, I will NOW (probably retardedly so), present you with my rendition of Kenny Kenny for Halloween this year:

(Click with caution)

kenny kenny[Halloween '07]

I realize this wasn't the most conventional of outfits, but what can I say? Halloween is not about looking hot and sexy for me (not implying that KK isn't hot or sexy because come on, have you seen that bitch run a door?) Ken dog actually gave me tips on the outfit, said the only thing I was missing that night was a clipboard. This is at the Tavern on the Green party that my friends Gordon and Erik Von Brock hosted. Later on, I spent the night dancing away with the Aussies at Martignetti's.

And, how did my getup fare overall? Well, for the most part, I got really bewildered stares throughout the night...but one or two people did actually get who I was...and once they did, the entire process of becoming Kenny Kenny was deemed worthwhile to me.

kenny kennykenny kenny

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