Venice Film Festival Begins In Italy

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 2, 2009

Today officially marks the first day of the 66th annual Venice Film Festival - the oldest film festival in the world - and what better way to celebrate than with pictures of Maria Grazia Cucinotta sitting on a giant horizontal mirror!  The actress/writer/model is set to host the festival until its completion on September 12th and has undoubtedly been working on her tan in anticipation.  More story and photos below...

The festival will once again be held on The Island of Lido in Venice, with screenings taking place in the famous Palazzo Del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi.  American director Ang Lee has been honored with the title of president of the jury and has overseen some of the preparations for the historic cinematic event.

Todd Haynes, Angela Ismailos, John Sayles Todd Haynes, Angela Ismailos, John Sayles

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Festival Host Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Ang Lee Ang Lee

Afef Jnifen Afef Jnifen

Silvia Toffanin, Piersilvio Berlusconi Silvia Toffanin, Piersilvio Berlusconi

Simona Ventura Italian TV Presenter Simona Ventura

Laura Chiatti Laura Chiatti

Sandrine Bonnaire Jury member and actress Sandrine Bonnaire

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Maria Grazia Cucinotta throwing things

[Photos via Getty].