Twitteriffic Tweets: The Ainz And The Bieber

by Chiara Atik · May 12, 2010

@whitneyEVEport This rain in NY is so crazy! It just woke me up. Ate an apple. Now back to bed! West coast, what do you think of the episode????

- @harleyvnewtonValentino's birthday cake... Obviously a portrait of himself in his 30s

- @sarahkunst Neel shah on taxi tv in a bing ad? Ok...

- -

@toryburch With @Fabiola and Olya- wearing pink flower headbands that are cheap and chic. Made, of course, by Carlos Mot -

@StevenRojas The end of LOST I bet Jack will say something like "Avocado 7" and it will all make sense. (I'm on several meds right now p.s)

- @AJMukamal is "The Bebier" the new "Rachel"? @FoxNews


- @tinsleymortimer Luv the Ainz!! RT @alexandraosipow: Going to meet @tinsleymortimer at the #ainsworth for dinner and drinks!

- @PadmaLakshmi Having a great time bowling at lucky strike. Thx to the chef for veggie plate! :)