Twitteriffic Tweets: Hamptons For The Holidays

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 2, 2010

@beckadiamond At my favorite party main man at b.east w @kplawless gonna dj for my bestie Greg K It Boyyyyyy -

@derekblasberg As we watch a traditional Turkish dance troup, its apparent to Waris and Jefferson that, given the proper training, I could rock these moves

- -

@CarsonGriffith Ever chase down the Hampton Lux Liner? Try it in flip-flops w a handful of boat totes. @arielilana @avalentijr see ya hookers soon - -

@StevenRojas Dinner at Lucky Strike with @naythomas and co. -


@carolhan Trying to motivate myself to pack for Montauk now as opposed to 7 AM tomorrow morning when I'm half-awake and suicidal. - -

@carney I'm at Bryant Park (btw 40th & 42nd St, btw 5th & 6th Ave, New York) w/ 42 others. - -

@HilaryHRhoda This prank never gets old: turning on someone else's seatwarmer w/out them knowing. Happened to me twice in one carride... Grrrr! Hah - -