Twitteriffic Tweets: James Franco Fistpumps

by Chiara Atik · May 17, 2010

@CarsonGriffith James Franco is sitting on a throne & occasionaly chiming in while drag queen sings. Id say nothing could top it but he also just fistpumped


cjronson Spotted a lady wearing one of my I ♡ ronson foreigner t-shirts at bar pitti. #makesmehappy. -

- @ByrdieBell Why do I always catch the giggles when I'm walking around by myself? - -


@FabiolaBeracasa @derekblasberg and me gettin the Vanity Fair party, LOOK IN THE POOL -

- @miamoretti When I walk by those sidewalk sales on Ave A all I can think is "that's like my entire wardrobe..." -


@tinsleymortimer At the Yankee game again!! :) :) It is such a pretty day!! =- @Bethenny Watching dvr while feeding Bryn. On RHONYC ,what you see is "the hills" the same way bc spencer should be in an institution.


wmag Celeb sighting: Fred Armison, bleary-eyed at jfk 8am. That SNL wrap party must've been a doozy.