Twitteriffic Tweets: Not As "Carried Away" As We Hoped...

by Chiara Atik · May 26, 2010

@tinsleymortimer SATC2 was amazing!! It was really really fun and better than the first!! Defitinitely go see it!! - @mrjoezee I love that guestlists are now on ipads not clipboards. Look at these lovely ladies guarding the door last night. - - @refinery29 Night night. So, as Mario Cantone told us, SATC2 is def funnier than the first. One scene with Sam in the souk with condoms. LMFAO - - @PeterDavisNYC post Sex and the City 2 screening thoughts: more SEX + more (NYC) CITY. Did Abu Dhabi finance this sequel? It's an hour ad for that place? - - @AJMukamal cant tell you how much I appreciate my elevator man commenting on how long my days are... night night tweeps - - @aliwise I'm cuddling at the bowery with @samantharonson and @cjronson so fun!! Love cuddlesssssssss - - @littleylittley The #SATC2 is a little too serious- I get it: Marriage is hard- but an unhappy Carrie Bradshaw does not a good movie make. - - @asiddy carrie is like that really annoying friend that you have to get together with once a year, but when you do, you're happy you saw her. - - @harleyvnewton Pop-bar! Maybe the best thing to ever happen to my neighborhood?