Twitteriffic Tweets: Ramona Drinking Pinot, Madonna At Fela, And Malik Eats Chinese At Home

by Chiara Atik · March 26, 2010

@derekblasberg I must confess: in a weak moment here in Tokyo, I did the unthinkable. I went to a Starbucks. And it FELT SO GOOD. I Chai'ed my face off!

- @BravoAndy Ramona is in the greenroom drinking pinot. Oh lord it's gonna be a wild show at midnight. Carol Leifer's having voddy


@LizzieGrubman Just landed in NY....I Love NY!

- - @asiddy madonna's whole crew was at fela tn! mercy, david, rocco, and lourdes... mercy was on jesus' lap the whole beginning of show. v cute fam..


@Choire Am I the last person on the Internet who's yet to send an email to a stranger with the words "asshole" and then "go fuck" something?


@maliksochic #basically.... I broke my diet on accident by having champagne at the bergdorf event. So I'm gonna continue the trend w chinese and TV!

- @tinsleymortimer Who Wore Versace Better: Chang Yung-Yung or Tinsley Mortimer? Me right?!! ;) ;)


@mrjoezee Stopped for quick drink at Le Caprice with Joan Rivers and Tahari gang. In 7 minutes, Ms. Rivers made me laugh, inspired me, captivated me.