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by Rachelle Hruska · July 20, 2009

alexa-chung2@alexa_chung people writing about me is one thing, but saying i'm 27 years old? that's just harsh. off to buy some moisturiser and 'good housekeeping'. about 2 hours ago from web

stella-mccarthy@StellaMcCartney Its Meat-Free Monday! Watch what David Rothschild has to say about 2 hours ago from web

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matt-oliver4@virtualoliver I think I need to stop using foursquare, as my love for routines will end up making me a mayor everywhere I go. about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter

adrien-field2@AdrienField Read my post on the opening day of Bridgehampton polo! I've found my favorite new sport! about 10 hours ago from web

dens2@dens Worst traffic I've ever seen coming back from Hamptons. Near stand-still at exit 33. Ugh. @hamptonstraffic about 11 hours ago from txt

derek-blaseberg9@dizzyblazeberg We can clone sheep, put people in outerspace and make cameras so small we can swallow them and see our insides. But traffic? Unsolvable. about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

kendra1@kendramiaseay Everyone at surf lodge is wearing fake mustaches...why is this happening and where do I get one? about 11 hours ago from TwitterFon

danielle-snyder1@danielleasnyder Product of a sick rooftop party hosted by @rachellehruska & @danielleasnyder on @guestofaguest roof about 11 hours ago from TwitterFon

rachel-sklar2@rachelsklar "Anchormen shouldn't cry": Cronkite tearing up re: Kennedy's funeral. As @SteveKrak points out, said in 1993; alas, too many reasons since. about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck

stephanie-wei1@stephaniewei Even if you're not a golf fan, you should be watching the British Open right now. bout 20 hours ago from TweetDeck


ivanka@IvankaTrump Still in Alaska...Went fishing and caught a salmon within seconds of dropping the line. about 21 hours ago from txt