Twitterific Tweets; Everyone Prepares For Turkey Day

by Rachelle Hruska · November 25, 2009

@katiebakes Wait, actually, does Comcast around Philly have the NFL Network? I forgot that my parents aren't under the death grip of Time Warner. 33 minutes ago from we

@FrankBruni All over the media: silly Thanksgiving diet advice. How about this? TAKE THE DAY OFF. Enjoy. There are other days to be good. 44 minutes ago from web

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@dizzyblazeberg Whoa, is that sunshine I spy here in London? A splendid day for some tennis! Heading now to O2 Arena for Lacoste's ATP World Tour. about 2 hours ago from web

@IvankaTrump Turkey exit stamp...I'm homeward bound!! about 6 hours ago from UberTwitter


@PeterDavisNYC Inside a Supermodel's Suicide - The Daily Beast - about 8 hours ago from


@davemorin The energy in New York is so incredible. about 8 hours ago from web


@kevinrose Very excited for my friends at WakeMate, can't wait for this to be released: about 9 hours ago from Tweetie

@arielilana He was invited- now get me a shamwow! RT @JTWhite: Ah hahahha that "Sham Wow" dude just sham wow-ed his way into 1Oak ahahahaha classic about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter

@kynellor Going crazy over the ravioli with black truffles at downtown cipriani.... AMAZING!!! about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter