Twitterific Tweets: Ferragamo Party Fabulousness, Snooki's Private Jet?

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 1, 2010

@derekblasberg Ferragamo party was about 8 hours of fabulousness. Here are me and Dree (in goggles, oddly) at the afterparty...

@Sn00ki If this were my plane itd be pink with rhinestones and leaopord print on the wings :) -

@beckadiamond Zombie girl goes to the Ferragamo event at the Standard. - -

@toryburch Tonight's entertainment in front of the oxygen bar. Definitely a little light-headed at 11,000 feet. - -

@asiddy Line to ferries to governors island. #passionpit here we come! - -

@CarsonGriffith I could kill my roommate right now for only having Barbie bandaids #25yearoldinvestmentbankersaretheworst - -

@AdamIss Spotted on the F train: an obvious investment banker, intently reading American Psycho, and carrying a large paper bag. - -

@AskMrMickey Angelina Jolie giving kids in Ecuador plastic cheeseburgers? I may be vegetarian but I'm in love! - -