Twitterific Tweets, Lady Gaga Meets The Queen And Snookie Gets Her Own You Tube Channel

by Rachelle Hruska · December 8, 2009

@stephaniewei David Letterman Blames David Letterman for Tiger Woods Scandal 23 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@dizzyblazeberg So what about men who have designer feet but no doctor? RT @VieLuxe Women who buy $800 shoes instead of health insurance are not fashionable 31 minutes ago from web

@StanDarde Lady Gaga meets The Queen.........while wearing latex?!?! about 1 hour ago from web

@ev I only watch Girls Next Door for the Twitter references. about 8 hours ago from web

@RLFIII @ Charlotte Ronson's dinner party on LES. about 13 hours ago from UberTwitter

@JTWhite Check out my photography portfolio GUYS about 13 hours ago from web

@nytimestech Boxee, a Start-Up, to Offer a Device to Put Web Video on TV about 13 hours ago from web

@arielilana Serena's still an idiot, Chuck is seeing people, Blaire has no roll, Jenny makes no sense, and i'm confused #gossipgirl about 14 hours ago from web

@gavinpurcell Snookie from Jersey Shore has a YouTube channel: about 15 hours ago from web