Twitterific Tweets, The 2010 Grammys Take Over Our Feeds. Where's Kayne When You Need Him?

by Rachelle Hruska · February 1, 2010

@Sn00ki Mario my spanish guido 2 minutes ago from UberTwitter


@mrskutcher Baby @aplusk the Jersey Shore gang say what up! about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

@AJMukamal holy shit-just hit me-FUCKING KELL ON EARTH PREMIERE DAY! Tune in to bravo at 10PM EST and CHECK IT OUT about 2 hours ago from Echofon

@rustyrockets Grammies? Is that how much coke you need to stay awake through em? LooOOOOOOoooong! X about 9 hours ago from web

@ladygagadotnet Retweet all! Over 200 photos from the Grammys Awards last night posted on about 9 hours ago from web

@jenny8lee Reading "Twelve" about drugs and rich Upper East Side kids, by Nick McDonell after seeing movie adaption at Sundance starring Chase Craw ... about 9 hours ago from txt

@derekblasberg I'm sort of stalking Sheryl Crow, who used to teach at my rival high school, at the Warner party. Us Midwestern sisters must stick together. about 10 hours ago from web

@sdotglass I was just not allowed to get into elevator in beverly hills hotel bc britney spears was there. We went out when I was 15 though. about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter

@davidgruning *Watching* the #grammys via twitter in the car is the new desk to dinner. #fb about 11 hours ago from web


@samantharonson Watching Taylor Swift receive her award.. where's Kanye when you need him? about 11 hours ago from web


@weareyourfek LOL. Someone check on Kanye West. about 11 hours ago from web