Twitterific Tweets, The Internet Is Nice And Snooki Visits Marquee

by SARAH MANDATO · December 22, 2009

@Awl The Internet Is Nice Now!

half a minute ago from web

@johncmayer My mouth is the Don King of my penis.

about 1 hour ago from web

@FrankBruni Did Letterman really equate the nu Times Square to tourist "petting zoo" (per NYPost Cuozzo column 2day)? Priceless. about 3 hours ago from web

@Britt4ChiChi212 Breaking News: Snookie Weighs In On Marquee: This was too good to wait for the AM about 7 hours ago from twitterfeed

@zachklein Listening to NPR talk about music, especially hip-hop, makes me uncomfortable. about 7 hours ago from web

@samantharonson I'm batman

about 8 hours ago from Tweetie