Twitterriffic Tweets: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

by Chiara Atik · June 4, 2010

@RobertVerdi Cyndi lauper, kelly rowland and estelle performing girls just wanna have fun! - - @tinsleymortimer Omg Girls just want to have fun with Cyndi, Kelly, and Estelle!! Amazing!! -


@derekblasberg I still cannot believe that I set an alarm this morning to wake up and watch.. um, I AIN'T EMBARRASSED... Justin Bieber on the Today show!


@harleyvnewton Portobello. Hungover. Ow. Defs about to make some insane drunk purchases.


@XxPJC "do you play a crazy person on a retarded show??" "Yup."


- @Sn00ki Guidette status ;) -

- -- @BenWiddicombe Magazine editor overheard tonight: "I hate wearing flats but I have to tomorrow because I'm meeting Justin Bieber." - - @cjronson Tender is the night on the hudson river... - -

- @kristianlaliber To go out or not? I'm trying to put off cleaning the oil spill that is my room. #toosoon -