Apparently, Torture Inspires

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · March 3, 2008

water boardingThank goodness the DOD and the DOJ haven’t really decided whether or not waterboarding is torture.  Because if they had, there would have been be NO WAY that Prosper, Inc. would have been able to use waterboarding, along with other humiliating tactics, to increase company revenues.  So what does hazing, torture, and soulless revenue-building have in common?  If your answer is, “The Bush Administration!” you and I should go get a drink.  I must admit, however, that I haven’t heard any tales of White House hazing.  That being said, G.W. is a brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon (think “The Skulls”), which has been rumored to use hazing (read: sheep, paddles, and tighty-whities) to initiate their members, who move on to lead or otherwise pander to corporations that engage in soulless revenue-building.  And suddenly, it all makes sense …