Alex Fribourg Wedding Alex Fribourg Wedding Alex Fribourg Wedding Alex Fribourg Wedding It's the day you've been dreaming of for years—or maybe just since he popped the question. Either way, if there's a wedding on your horizon, it's time to start seriously planning. And when it comes to getting the bridal ball rolling, what better way to ignite some inspiration than with an insider look at some of New York's most noteworthy nuptials? Brides-to-be, take note—we'll be sharing a series of stylish soirées as put together by party planner Lyndsey Hamilton and her team, as well as speaking to the belles of the balls themselves.

First up? We step inside the industrial space tailored especially for the special day of bride Alex Fribourg, as she talks Guns N' Roses, vintage gowns, and breaking the bridal rules.

Interview by Stephanie Maida

[All photos courtesy of Ira Lippke]