Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by BILLY GRAY · March 4, 2010

NYC bars ordered to stay far away from NYC churches. Time to chug the communion wine , guys. [NYP]

P. Diddy, always modest, says his first Brooklyn party is a "big, big deal." [Brokelyn]

Superdive leaving Avenue A (we hope) to terrorize Las Vegas. [Eater]

There's a new porn inspired by Grease. "Hummer Nights," "A Bone at the Drive-In" "Booty School Dropout" on soundtrack. [DailyMusto]

Shaun White's on fire. Along with his snowboard. [Terry'sDiary]

If anything can keep you awake for the Oscars, it's the hope of winning your Oscar pool. [Defamer]

Classy New Yorker mag throwing tacky party at The W in D.C. [Runnin'Scared]