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15 Wacky U.S. Town Names

15 Wacky U.S. Town Names [BuzzFeed] Some friends of ours tied the knot in "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico" this Fall, which got me wondering what other cities had remarkable names attached to them. Thankfully, one of those genius editors we were telling you about in slide 9 decided to do a post on wacky town names. Here they are: 1) Cookietown, Oklahoma 2) Bumpass, Virginia 3) Toad Suck, Arkansas 4) Santa Claus, Georgia 5) Whynot, Wississippi 6) Cheesequake, New Jersey 7) Peculiar, Missouri 8) Accident, Maryland 9) Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 10) Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania Why not?

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