Twitterific Hampton Tweets: July 4th Weekend Edition

by GofG Public · July 6, 2009

@blueandcream @rachelkirschbaum told us Leo DiCaprio was rocking a black LAMPTONS hoody last night at Rosenbergs! about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@CarsonGriffith Craziest Day & Night party to date. I'm covered in champagne & Daniel Koch was doing a Rose flamingo bong. God bless America. 5:27 PM Jul 4th from txt

@UncleRUSH David has had parties 3 nights in a row! Alex rodriguez and kate hudson amoung guests. Everyonw keeps callin "come around corner" :-) 10:13 PM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry

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@TweetHampton We hear: Bon Jovi was at the Blue Parrot for the 4th & he played an impromptu concert. about 2 hours ago from CoTweet

@JTWhite The fire alarms are going off at The Memory in MTK and no one cares cuz Green Machine is on playing covers of Blink and Greenday. Awesome. 12:30 AM Jul 5th from TwitterBerry

@TheIvyGroup Just did 4 shots in a row with a man holding a white shark at the Ben Watts party 10:59 PM Jul 4th from mobile web


@MattyFromReason Great day on the boat with @djprice and the crew. Wakeboard action was intense, jellyfish suck. Crushed shots last night with Nello @Nellos about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@kendramiaseay SurfLodging in Montauk with See-I about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon -------

@carolhan Montauk madness is over for the weekend. Crawling into bed for recovery time. about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry -------

@SouthernPR Hanging w/ Kellan Lutz at AXE Lounge about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry -------

@hamptonswriter The Southampton Parade was missed this morning due to over indulgence. Time for beach recovery and golf before the Sag FIREWORKS! 11:44 AM Jul 4th from TwitterBerry