Twitteriffic Tweets: Bikes On The Jitney, A Do Or A Don't?

by Chiara Atik · April 14, 2010

@Jillzarin With emeril at good day ny

- @miamoretti Trousdale was so cute. Everything on the wendys menu right now is even cuter. Tea room tomorrow.

@AshleySimko Still can't decide if "9 by Design" makes me want to marry a fellow creative or not. It's almost like looking into a (chaotic) crystal ball.

- @CarsonGriffith Who can answer this: are bikes permitted on the hampton jitney? Easy to get to ACK!


@carolhan Ruth Reichl, ex editor of Gourmet, just walked into Pulinos. I die.


@caryrandolph Fenton-Fallon baubles on display @jcrew's fete for FF's @DanaLorenz. Tough, gorgeous, for girls who mean business.


@thecobrasnake Fuck you times square -


@MinnieMortimer Sitting with @InsideDVF at The Paris Review dinner. She has just given the most wonderful speech. Honored to be at her table!