Twitteriffic Tweets: FUs and Faux Pas

by Chiara Atik · April 28, 2010

@BobbyKennedyIII RT @jimmyfallon A dog spa is opening in NY w/ facials & manicures. If you’d like to order a spa day for your dog, just text “F-U” to “Haiti"


@BenWiddicombe Just asked Diane Von Furstenberg at her party 4 the Humane Society if she's "fur free." Apparently, that was a massive faux pas-


@toryburch Friends invited me to boot camp in the park??? Let's hope I make it back. Lunges are the bane of my existence. - - @mrjoezee Home from #TheCity party and I am even more obsessed with @whitneyeveport and @roxyolin than ever before. Love you girls.

- @caro Pop-up captions on tonight's #lost rerun actually did clear up ambiguity regarding the age of the Black Rock. Because some of us care.

- @JTWhite Shepherd Fairey guest dj set at Boom Boom. Russel Simmons just asked me how I got in here. Pshhhh puhlease

- @AJMukamal boomboom for the Basquiat premiere after party-glen o'brien gets in before me- obviously


@derekblasberg In my PJs, crawling into my four-post bed, draped in Southern decadence off Forsyth Park in Savannah. I feel like friggin' Blanche Dubois!