Twitteriffic Tweets: Justin Ross Lee Is A Big "My Fair Lady" Fan

by Chiara Atik · April 23, 2010

@JustinRossLee in Madrid after JewJetting 1st class over Volcanic Ash. JRL's rain never falls mainly on his plane. Spain for 48 hours.


@maliksochic Devorah bddaayyyyyy


@littleylittley Would You Watch a @BritneySpears Themed #Glee? Yes, sir.


At @brooklynmuseum tossing around Rodarte flowers and glowing ice cubes. Is it time to get my face painted or my fortune read yet? -

@aliwise Fergie has the sickest shoes on @jimmychoo- they light up. @alice_olivia HOUSE PARTY


- @AJMukamal check out @stefskinner looking HOT HOT HOT tonight! (ps-her phone is dead so send her extra love!)

- @harleyvnewton Djing Dior party in a glass box called the "Magic Room" my two dates are already all booooozed up