Twitteriffic Tweets: Rainy Weekend In New York

by Chiara Atik · April 26, 2010

@PeterDavisNYC hope the page six item that marc jacobs and lorenzo broke up isn't true.


- @Lizzie Grubman Let the countdown begin...One more day before Billy Baldwin debuts his recurring role on Gossip Girl! So excited!

MikeNouveau Installed a dimmer, now watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. WHAT A DAY!


@carolhan Sunday recovery with a stack of books, pile of pillows, tea, pajamas, and homemade vegan peanut butter krispie treats.


@CarsonGriffith If u saw me last night past witching hour: i apologize.


@mrjoezee Ok. That $3 umbrella from the deli is now $5. Inflation or price gouging? --

@harleyvnewton "Can we go to 1 Oak on May 14th? It's my last day of school." -@CaseyCoane (not kidding)