Twitteriffic Tweets: Trying On Kilts, Pajamas, And Zach Morris For Size

by Chiara Atik · April 6, 2010

@derekblasberg Got a haircut at Astor Place Barbers. I said I wanted it long on top, but cleaner sides and back. "Like Zach Morris?" my guy asked. EXACTLY!

@asiddy spotted: nigel barker, donald trump, kyle mclaughlan all at #dressedtokilt

-@littleylittley Ke$ha will open for Rihanna this summer on Ri's Last Girl On Earth tour... huge deal for #Ke$ha.


@MikeNouveau Is it OK to go down to the Grand Bar at @SohoGrandHotel and eat a roast chicken entree wearing only my Homer Simpson pajamas? Please advise.


@stephaniewei So Tiger said he never considered rehab before because he didn't realize how bad he was. Yeah, when he finally got caught.


@FABIOLABERACASA Dior fitting today, I LOVE my dress really looking forward to wearing it on thurs night at NYFC !! - -