Capital Chatter - September 26

by guestofaguest · September 26, 2011

Lady Gaga to Obama: "Make a law for Jamey" against bullying [Politico]

WTF? Fire station shut down after citizen's gift of two cases of beer was found in fridge [WTOP]

Nickelodeon stages Day of Play in White House Ellipse [Reliable Source]

Bill Clinton and Arnold Shwarzenegger coming out with books [Reliable Source]

Cat Ommanney reflects on Facebook: Michaele's dig at Cat for bring divorced [Facebook]

Bill and Hill quizzed by Chelsea about technology [USA Today]

Cuba Gooding Jr. spotted at Lima; senators try on-tap prosecco at Graffiato [Yeas & Nays]

DC High School Football is so terrible [Washington City Paper]

Lolly Amons "swagging" on U Street (video) [youtube]