Black Jack Halloween

by Sophie Pyle · October 30, 2012

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On Saturday night, Black Jack hosted a wicked Halloween party for regulars of the popular 14th street venue. The restaurant won a RAMMY award this year for having the "hottest restaurant bar scene of the year," and is a part of the famous Black Restaurant Group (which includes BlackSalt, Pearl Dive, Addie's, etc).

Black Jack bestowed a $500 cash prize on the best costume: the Elliott/ET bicycle costume, complete with Reese's Pieces. DJ Roz kept the energy up, and guests enjoyed special Halloween cocktails from novelty glasses.

Guests included: Hayley BucknerSammy BucknerJames Ford, Allison Frank, Claudia FrankKatie Muilenberg, Courtney RivkinVicki RobellaAdam Schlosser, Melissa Sullivan, Natalie Weygandt, and Diana Zolfaghari.

[Adam Schlosser, Natalie Weygandt] [Sammy Buckner, Katie Muilenberg, Hayley Buckner]

[Natalie Weygandt, James Ford, Diana Zolfaghari]

[Claudia Frank, Courtney Rivkin] [L: Vicki Robella]

[Melissa Sullivan]