Foundation SCA's Third Annual Benefit Gala Draws Influential People Committed To Empowering Third World Women Through Education

by Sophie Pyle · November 17, 2011

[Top: Katherine Kennedy bounces ideas off an event host, Christine McGrath]

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Last night, Foundation SCA held their third annual benefit gala. The theme, "Investing in the whole woman," was a nod to the foundation's mission to empower women all over the globe.

The beautiful Organization of American States Building, and their hall of international flags, opened their doors to the event. It kicked off at 7 p.m. to a room full of VIPs and socials committed to bettering the world through innovative education methods for women.

Guests enjoyed wine and delicious passed hors d'oeuvres, and remarks by businessman and philanthropist Ed Scott.

Foundation SCA is an independent non-profit organization chartered in the United States in 2008.  SCA collaborates with local organizations on a global scale to empower women within their communities. Currently, SCA funds educational programs in Cameroon, Guatemala, Kenya, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Chicago and Washington, D.C. that provide professional skills and training, high school/college scholarships, and character development.

"SCA is into helping women and girls in poverty to get out of the cycle of poverty through education, training, and personal development.  These women then help their families and their communities to rise from poverty as well. We call it the 'multiplier effect,'" said project coordinator Lizzie Lipovsky.

[Grant Allen, Katherine Kennedy; Juan Yrausquin]

WE SPOTTED: Ed W. Scott, Katherine KennedyGrant Allen, Matthew Swift, Ashley Samelson McGuire, Amb. Green, Amb. Piedra, Amb. Quinonez, Rep. Fortenberry, George Ingram, Adam Waldman, Matthew Latimer, Warren Clark (CMEP), Dana King, and Alex Tanzi.

Hosts of the event were:

Dr. M. Sophia Aguirre

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dundon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esmond

Rep. and Mrs. Jeff Fortenberry

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heeter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Kearns

Ms. Edmonia Kearny

Mr. and Mrs. William Kirst

Mr. Franco Madan

Ms. Maria Mallo

Miss Christine McGrath

Mrs. Helena Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E. Mitchell

Amb. and Mrs. Alberto M. Piedra

Miss Ana Gabrielle Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Royden

Ms. Teresita Sulit

Mr. Eric Wind

Dr. and Mrs. Erik Young