Sweets And Baubles At Ella Rue

by Sophie Pyle · March 15, 2012

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Yesterday, Krista Johnson hosted a party at her boutique in Georgetown that included many girly elements, including:

Trunk show of Honesty Jewelry by Jewell Green (Darrell Green's wife)

Manicures by Jacqueline Briscoe, The Nail Nanny

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and granulated sugar-free cookies by Lil's Lite Bites

Peeps, brownies, cupcakes, cotton candy

Champagne and wine

Vitamin Water

Spring shopping!

[Lil's Lite Bites] [Meredith Fineman gets a Nail Nanny manicure]

Meredith Fineman, author of FFJD, helped Krista host the event. She was chatting up the launch of her PR company, Fine Point, which primarily launches digital campaigns.

Other guests included:  Alexandra Amons, Lolly Amons, Jesse Biggers, Ali HersheyStephanie Leney, Lauren MooreHollis PicaMaggie Pitts, Lindsey Rohrig, Windy Shepard, and Yvette Wesley-Schuler.

[Yvette Wesley-Schuler, Jewell Green] [Lolly Amons, Meredith Fineman, Krista Johnson]

[Jacqueline Briscoe and Hollis Pica]

[Honesty Jewelry - web]

[Mr. Johnson, Krista Johnson] [Hollis Pica, Ali Hershey] [Stephanie Leney, Lauren Moore]

[Krista Johnson, Windy Shepard]

[Guest of a Guest's Jane Pyle and Sophie Pyle] [Jesse Biggers, Maggie Pitts]