DC Wants You To Get As Bucked Up As You Want This Fourth Of July

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 2, 2010

...And to prove its dedication to your irresponsible inebriation, The Washington Regional Alcohol Program is offering "Sober Ride," a program that provides you with a designated driver anywhere you want to go (for a regular cab fare of up to $50) for FREE!-







Since 1993, the reasonable and realistic folks over at WRAP have acknowledged the sad truth that people behave irresponsible on holidays.  Anytime there is a national holiday (read: excuse to get trashed) WRAP steps up to the plate and offers its services.

They claim to have provided 48,000 rides since the started the Sober Ride program.

The only rules really are that you have to be 21 or older and that you call the specific Sober Ride hot line (1 800 200 TAXI), as opposed to a cab company.  While it's not required, I assume another stipulation is that you're drunk.  Would they hold it against you if you just wanted a free cab ride but were sober?

So if you're starring at that 5th shot of tequila thinking

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea...how am I going to get home in one piece?"

Never fear.  Sober Ride (will be) is here.

Now, If only Chris Klein lived in DC...