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The Celebration Of JDR

The Celebration Of JDR

Go HERE for more photos by Robert Mang, and TAG yourself and your friends! On Saturday night, friends from NYC and DC gathered at the Darlington House to celebrate the 30th birthday of their friend JDR. The elegant soiree for Joseph Delano Rojakovick, as he is also known, properly capped off--nay, rivaled--his twenties.

Street Style Trend: How To Wear Denim For Any Occasion

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In recent years, denim attire has become more than just your favorite pair of perfectly worn in Levi's. From cropped vests to acid washed jackets, jeans are the go-to material for cool, casual style. Here are our picks for the best looks in denim this spring, and tips on how to style your own jean-based looks for every occasion. MORE>>