Spotted In Town: Once-Troubled Millionheiress Jackie Kent Cooke

by Sophie Pyle · November 28, 2011

Millionheiress Jacqueline "Jackie" Kent Cooke was spotted with a group of friends in Georgetown on Saturday night.

[Jacqueline Kent Cooke, Lydia Morrison]

Her father, the late Jack Kent Cooke, was worth $1 billion and owned the Redskins.

Jackie grew up in the DC area but has been bopping around parties in the Hamptons and NYC since graduating from Southern Methodist University last year. A source says she currently resides in NYC.

Cooke made headlines in 2007 when she sued the executors of her father's estate for $275 million, and again in 2008 when she was arrested at 20 for a DUI and told Boston cops to watch out for her dad (even though he passed away in 1997).

Since then, she hasn't gotten in too much trouble. Hey, we all have to grow up sometime.

She gets $100,000/year from her trust fund, a figure which could quadruple or more when she turns 35.