Twitterific Tweets: Georgetown Cupcakes Loves You, And So Does Screen On The Green

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 12, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake @GTownCupcake FRI JULY 16th - We'll be giving out special "DC Cupcakes" to celebrate the premiere, all DAY LONG! One FREE cupcake/person until closing!


Jesse B Rauch @SOTGinDC Bond, James Bond. On the National Mall. Tonight. #007SOTG


Andrea Burkhart @AndreaBurkhart years of experience have taught me not to be a hero. I carry my hiiiigh heels in by bag till I get where I'm going.


Alex Priest @ alexpriest Cool, the US govt has created a page exclusively to catalog official mobile apps:


City Paper DC @wcp Savage Love: Is My Husband Gay For Liking To Watch Me With Another Man?


Lisa Byrne @DCeventjunkie Ah America, the land of ridiculous lawsuits.